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copyright 2006 Angela Fung

Ford Innovation
Client: Ford Motor Company
Product: Website
Date: 2006
Studio: Razorfish
Medium: Internet
Role: Producer
The goal of the Ford Innovation project was to improve the automotive giant's brand perception and to showcase their focus on innovation as part of a long-term turnaround strategy. The website team worked to meet this goal with a solution that included experiences targeted towards three distinct demographic segments.

"Designing the Future" provided a look at the design development behind an environmentally friendly sports car concept for a young urban family; "Backseat Designers" explored safety innovations from a child's point of view, targeted towards an audience of suburban mothers; and "Innovation Station" offered a test of Ford's power and performance through "Turbo Racer" and "Dunk the Donut" games, for the company's traditional core consumer.

These experiences were contained within a website wrapper that included original content describing Ford's efforts towards fuel efficiency and sustainability, developed through research and subject matter expert interviews. The team's effort for this site included a documentary video production, voiceover, and original music compositions.