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Ford Sync
Client: Ford Motor Company
Product: Website
Date: 2007
Studio: Razorfish
Medium: Internet
Role: Producer
This project was developed in support of Ford Motor Company's introduction of Sync into a range of 2008 model year vehicles for the North American market. Sync is a fully integrated, voice-activated communication and entertainment system that enables hands-free control of Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and digital media players.

The design team developed an experience to support customers at various stages of exposure to the Sync product: those who had just heard about Sync, those in some stage of the vehicle consideration or purchase cycle, and new owners of Sync-equipped vehicles in need of support. The site therefore offered marketing information, customizable How To documents, software patch downloads, and information on compatible media devices.

Challenges on this program included:
- Content development and verification happening concurrently with engineering development of the Sync module itself
- Automotive photography shoots involving pre-production vehicles
- Integration with a complex back-end legacy ecosystem
- Coordination with a broad cross-section of stakeholders in a decentralized organizational structure