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copyright 2006 Angela Fung

Outpost Digital Identity
Client: Outpost Digital
Product: Logo, Stationery System
Date: 2001
Medium: Print
Role: Producer
Outpost Digital is a cutting-edge media facility focused on broadcast post-production blended with next generation technologies. The concept for this company's logo and identity system was the encoding and decoding of information. The design team sought to convey Outpost's energy and creative use of next generation technologies, yet also to create a timeless identity that would continue to represent those ever-evolving tools. There are surprises for the viewer who looks more closely, such as the letters "o" and "i" replaced by ones and zeroes, suggestive of binary language.

The logo was applied to an extremely complete range of collateral, but was utilized in different ways to achieve a sense of scale and motion. This system includes standard items such as business cards, letterhead, business envelopes, as well as more specific items crucial to Outpost's business, such as miniDV, DVD, and other media labels and case inserts.