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The Regus Group International Portfolio of Websites
Client: The Regus Group Network
Product: Website
Date: 2005
Studio: IconNicholson
Medium: Internet
Role: Producer
The Regus Group Network is the world's largest office services company, offering short- and long-trem office space rental and associated services, including meeting room facilities, video conferencing, and virtual office services. Regus engaged IconNicholson to build a site to replace their existing U.S. sites, and to address a desired increase in customer prospects and related earnings. The design team recommended a user-centered process to address the primary task of the Regus website visitor: to research and find products and professional locations.

The project's major design considerations and features include: goals of function, ease-of-use, and clean, consistent presentation; to increase customer inquiry and conversion rates by streamlining transaction flows to three steps and six inputs, from five steps and ten inputs previously; implementation of MapQuest for location and proximity searches; integration with Regus' existing legacy database and Pivotal CRM system; user behavior tracking using WebTrends analysis software; and consistent interface structure across the three U.S. brand sites.

IconNicholson followed the U.S. redesign launch with a maintenance and enhancements retainer, and a second phase to internationalize into 60 countries and 18 languages, including Spanish, German, Russian, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.