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copyright 2006 Angela Fung

Road to Paris
Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Product: Interactive Documentary
Date: 2001
Medium: Television, Internet, DVD
Role: Producer; Content Developer
Down was the online component of an interactive documentary, aired on CBS and OLN, which followed Lance Armstrong and the U.S.P.S. Pro Cycling Team for 27 days as they prepared for their third consecutive Tour de France victory. The site aimed to provide both core cyclists and sports enthusiasts in general with a behind-the-scenes look at the inspirations and innovation which contribute to professional cycling today.

With this objective, the team also hoped to inspire the next generation of Armstrongs, and to gain a better understanding of how consumers react to an interactive television experience. A final part of the overall challenge was to organize, conceptualize, design, and develop the site content during the same eight weeks when the television documentary was shot in Europe, edited in Portland, Oregon, and finished in New York City.

The completed Road to Paris site presented a combination of original content gleaned from the documentary crew's time on the road with the cyclists and over ninety minutes of video outtakes not used for the television component. Prior to and during the shoot, the web design team collaborated with the shoot crew in the collection of artifacts such as autographed rider numbers, handwritten team schedules, and audio-taped athlete questionnaires. These materials eventually formed content ranging from cycling basics -- a glossary, athlete interviews, an interactive calendar -- to in-depth interactive race course maps, and unprecedented access to behind-the-scenes team meetings and reconnaissance rides.

In connection with this website, the design team also produced a banner and e-mail campaign, graphic triggers for the television documentary, and a DVD.

"Road to Paris made me want to hop on a bike and ride, ride, ride."