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copyright 2006 Angela Fung

The IBM Think-a-ma-jig Game Experience at Think Place, Orlando, Florida
Client: IBM
Product: A 6-minute game experience for up to 14 synchronous players
Date: 2002
Medium: 16 IBM computers on an enclosed network installation
Role: Producer
The IBM Think-a-ma-jig invited visitors to experience the thrill, the challenge and the fun of inventing as a team, where their creative solutions sent them on a wild and wacky adventure! As branded entertainment, this project was designed to convey messages of invention, teamwork, creative solutions and innovative technology, but above all, the game was designed for park guests to have fun.

The development team began with an immersion in the concepts of gaming, human interaction, storytelling, and invention. Through processes of brainstorming, show-and-tell, and playing classic games such as chess, board games, and current console games, we reminded ourselves why certain games and game formats are timeless, universal, and fun. Eventually, the team refined these experiences into the main messages of the game experience and the IBM brand.

The final experience included several distinct steps, whereby players built a deep-sea diving submarine together as a team, and took their creation for a test drive as well as a final treasure hunt along the ocean floor. There were 2,744 possible variations of the submarine, and treasure was randomly dispersed for each game session. Therefore, repeat players could always look forward to creating a different deep-sea diving submarine and having a different treasure-hunting experience.

Due to the public setting, the game was designed to appeal to a very wide audience, ranging from children as young as six years to their older siblings, their parents and their grandparents, and from domestic tourists to international visitors. The game was also developed with usability and ADA accessibility in mind, and was supportive of players who are hearing-impaired or have a limited comprehension of the English language. Over a thousand players experienced the game every day, playing approximately 85 sessions per day.