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copyright 2006 Angela Fung

ESPN: The Magazine The Life
Client: ESPN
Product: Complete graphics package for Season 1
(32 episodes)
Date: 2001
Medium: Television, DVD
Role: Graphics producer
"The Life" was a weekly half-hour ESPN show, an all-access pass into the lives of top athletes off the field. The concept for this new show, inspired by a regular feature in ESPN: The Magazine, was to go beyond the games, to look at athletes as individuals, and to see their lives, families, and activities off the field.

The motion graphics design team expanded on this idea to arrive at a design solution for the show's opening sequence, creating a flowing DNA stream which eventually resolves into the orange "DNA" mark and logotype adapted from the magazine. Athlete portraits and other stills from the show's stories make up this stream, suggesting the variety of people, relationships, hobbies, gadgets, fashion, music and realities that make up "The Life."