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copyright 2006 Angela Fung

The Voting Booth Project: Operation Agitation
Client: Parsons School of Design
Product: Art Installation
Date: 2004
Artist: Emerging Media Group
Curated by design critic Chee Pearlman, The Voting Booth Project featured 47 projects inspired by Votomatic voting booths, the devices made infamous in the 2000 presidential election. In the state of Florida, where 537 votes separated the Bush-Gore race and roughly 175,000 ballots were thrown out of the final count, fallible voting devices and problematic ballots sparked debate and brought international focus on the ways in which design can affect democracy.

This exhibition examined the impact of design within a broad cultural context by inviting designers, architects, and artists to embellish, comment on, or transform an object that was inextricably linked to the controversy surrounding that election. I worked with the design team at to concept and create Operation Agitation, a voting booth reimagined to include a consumer warning and explicit voter feedback.

Materials: Votomatic booth, vibrating solenoids, momentary push-button switch, conductive metal strip, light bulbs, silkscreen on canvas, and willing participants.